Why you should use dialogflow to build your custom chatbot for your website ?

Build natural and rich conversational experiences for customers is everyone’s dream.

Chatbots Give users new ways to interact with your product by building engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces, such as voice apps, powered by AI. Connect with users on your website, mobile app, the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and other popular platforms and devices. These all supported by Dialog flow, but today we will discuss over the custom chatbot implementation.

Dialogflow is known as a standard platform for developing different chatbots and supporting the multi platform deployments of the chatbots once configured. It makes lots of sense to deploy the bots to the different platforms like messenger, telegram and many of the platforms which are standard with their custom chatbot but there is always a boundary to implement. These are only useful if you are making business on this platforms.

But if you are developer or you have your own website or you have a business who need the custom chatbot for your website and should be integrated in the same styling your website looks like. By learning it yourself it’s pretty simple. It’s like any website needs a chatbot to serve their customer, employees or the clients in a different ways they want.

even it looks pretty simple use case, it does not make sense to develop any chatbots which are just sending the response in the text formats. I mean, you always need some multimedia to be integrated in your website chatbots. So, how is that possible with dialogflow is to allow the JSON payloads that can be passed on to your chatbot? and how your chatbot clients understand and process that.

But processing those JSON and understanding the JSON rendering and user interface need some twiking in the dialogflow. Because there is no direct support for JSON in the dialogue flow for custom platforms.

Why you should use your custom chatbots ?

If you see the pricing of any popular or newbie platform for chatbot integration who offers the website support. The offer my start from 5 to 6 dollars per month and may go more than $500 per month according to usage of the services.

So you will have to pay minimum $60 for your simple website even if you are not serving any clients or you not having any client so far. Also you still have you make sure you are developing everything in the specific way that they are allowing / supporting.

But, what if you get the complete Liberty of your chatbot integrations like images, videos, chips integration, connecting to your webhooks, and many multimedia support for your with chatbots.

So, I tried to make this idea possible in my chatbot courses and tried to make the dialogflow chatbot integrations much easier than they are. There are more than 3000 students who have already tried this courses and save lots of money on integration on their own websites.

If you find this interesting you my also visit and buy the courses on proco.Guru . The course is divided into two parts and others are getting ready to make advanced use cases.

  • Rich message Business Chatbots in Angular 8 with Dialogflow. Link
  • Dialog flow chatbot with webhook integration and external microservices - Part 2. Link

So what would be the pricing for you by Dialog flow ?

You can see more details of dialogflow on their website and check the integration with standard platforms too.

Since it’s Google’s platform they charge as per usage, you may like to check the billing too !

See you soon !

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